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Your favourite motorcycle gear to take on a tour

A few weeks ago we conducted a survey to ask what is your favourite motorcycle gear to take on a tour.

The answers are in and they are very interesting.  Here are the top 7 items as selected by you in each category….


What is your favourite bit of riding gear?

  1. Leather jacket
  2. My favourite helmet (various brands mentioned)
  3. My favourite riding boots (various brands mentioned)
  4. My favourite riding gloves (various brands mentioned)
  5. Heated jacket / gloves
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Rokker jeans


Your favourite accessory on your motorcycle?

  1. Heated grips
  2. Sat nav / gps
  3. After-market seat / back rest
  4. Cruise control or throttle boss
  5. Battery booster pack
  6. Rider comms / music system
  7. Highway pegs


Best tool / maintenance item you always take with you?

  1. Cable ties
  2. Puncture repair kit / tyre pressure gauge
  3. Multi tool
  4. Duct tape
  5. Bungees
  6. Mini compressor
  7. Spare light bulbs


The one luxury item you take on tour?

  1. iPad or Kindle
  2. Credit card
  3. Flip flops
  4. Cigars
  5. Coffee maker
  6. Shorts
  7. Camera


Plus, we asked what is the best tip you can give others when touring?  These were the top answers….

  1. Take old t-shirts / underwear and throw away when worn
  2. Put everything in plastic bags inside your luggage
  3. Layout everything you think need, then leave half behind
  4. If you are not sure whether to pack something, don’t
  5. Ride as much as you can before lunch, you get tired after lunch
  6. Set your heart on the dream, and follow it to wherever it takes you
  7. Avoid motorways unless you need to get to better roads quickly
  8. Have a place to sleep for the night booked and in the sat nav at the beginning of the day
  9. Don’t rest too long at service stations. Far better places to be at
  10. Choose carefully who you ride with

Many thanks to everyone who took part. 🙂

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