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Motorcycle Rental & visitors from overseas.

At Tour1, we organize Harley-Davidson motorcycle tours to various locations within Europe.

When riders from outside the UK join us for one of our tours, they generally need to rent a motorcycle.  We do not rent motorcycles ourselves, but we are very happy to recommend Harley-Davidson dealers that our customers have rented from previously and who have provided excellent motorcycles and an excellent service.

See below for the information you need.

Recommended Harley-Davidson dealers

There are many Harley-Davidson dealers in the UK that provide excellent customer service.  For visitors from overseas, you are likely to fly into London and so we have recommended three Harley-Davidson dealers in or near to London that rent motorcycles who have successfully provided rental motorcycles for our customers previously.  The location of any of these three dealers is suitable for our European tours.

Warrs, in London.  Their website is

Guildford Harley-Davidson. Their website is Guildford Harley-Davidson.

Maidstone Harley-Davidson.  Their website is Maidstone Harley-Davidson.

Tour1 customers wanting to rent a motorcycle need to book with the dealer direct themselves, as the rental has to be in the riders own name.  We are not able to do that booking for you.


More information

Our tours mainly start from Folkestone and we travel through the Channel Tunnel, then ride through mainland Europe.  Some of our tours are round-trip meaning we ride back to the UK, and others are one-way, meaning we fly back and the motorcycles are bought back to the UK on a truck (see note below).

Once through the tunnel, all roads are ridden on the right hand side.  Getting to the tunnel will mean riding on the left side of the road, but don’t worry, if you haven’t done that before, we can meet you on the day before the tour starts and we will escort you down to Folkestone and the Channel Tunnel.

Please note that for all of places our tours to go, wearing of a motorcycle helmet is a legal requirement

All of the rooms we book on the tour are doubles, so bringing a pillion is no problem at all.

If you travel from outside the UK and have time, you can spend a few days beforehand, or afterwards, seeing London and enjoying one of the most vibrant cities in the world!  We can give advice about some of the great things you can do while in London.

Riding in mainland Europe is easy, especially as for most visitors (especially from America) you are likely to already to used to riding on the right hand side of the road.  Sure, signs are different as are some of the laws, but as all of our tours are fully guided, by a very experienced ride leader, you will soon get used to the small differences.  Gary France of Tour1, has written a guide to riding a motorcycle touring in Europe and you may find this useful.

Please note: If you are joining one of our one-way tours, please bear in mind that the motorcycle rental period needs to include for the time taken for the motorcycle to be returned to the UK by truck and that is normally about 3 or 4 days (check with us for the specific tour you wish to ride).  There is also an additional charge for motorcycle shipping insurance of approximately £4 per £1,000 of motorcycle value for the one-way tours.  This is payable separately.

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