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Several cities in France have recently introduced a new scheme for controlling environmental pollution from vehicles.  This scheme is called Crit’Air and it applies to all vehicles (including British cars and motorcycles) wishing to use those cities.

The purpose of the Crit’Air scheme is two-fold. First to stop people from using the most severely polluting vehicles and second to raise money to help pay for anti-pollution measures.  While some may see this as yet more French driving laws designed to frustrate the motorist, it is important that you understand what the new laws are, so you do not fall foul of them.

This guide sets out what you need to know and do if you are going to be riding (or driving in France).

It is very cheap and easy to do. We recommend that if you intend riding in or near one of the affected areas you go ahead and purchase a required sticker.

You could of course take the risk of not getting caught, but at the time of writing this guide (March 2017) to purchase a sticker costs just €4.80 so its probably not worth the risk.

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