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Bespoke motorcycle tours

Sometimes, a standard tour just doesn’t fit with what people would like to do.

At Tour1 we therefore provide a bespoke motorcycle tour service that is designed to meet any touring requirement you may want.

There are two types of bespoke tour:

  • Luxury bespoke tours, with a limited number of people on 1 or 2 motorcycles.
  • Group bespoke tours, with up to 12 motorcycles.

We design and run bespoke tours anywhere in Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.  Other places can be considered.  Most of our tours are on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

These motorcycle holidays can be whatever and whenever you want, and for any length of time. We give you exactly what you want.

We have set out below some broad principles of how we operate these tours.

You tell us:

  • How many people
  • Where you want to go
  • How long for
  • What you might want to see or do
  • How long you like to ride for each day
  • If you want to stay in any one place for more than one night
  • What standard of accommodation you want (anything from basic, right up to 5-star luxury)
  • Anything else that is important to you

We then design your motorcycle touring holiday:

  • We research and plan the route
  • We work out the best places to stop and look at
  • We book the hotels
  • We suggest restaurants
  • We arrange the rental bikes
  • We transport the rental bikes if necessary
  • We do all the fine planning
  • We book the flights, if that is what you want
  • We arrange a luggage van, if you want that
  • We personally guide each days ride, allowing you to do nothing but enjoy yourselves
  • We operate with absolute discretion

How the costs work:

  • You pay for everything, including flights, hotels, motorcycle rentals etc  at cost.  We don’t add a penny onto the those costs
  • Or we can pay it on your behalf, at cost, at you reimburse us
  • You then simply pay us an agreed fixed rate per day during the tour for our time

It is that simple. You are just paying us for our time in organising and then personally guiding the tour. We have been arranging high quality motorcycle tours for many years and have ridden extensively in both Europe and the USA. We know the best places to ride.

Suggested locations for your bespoke motorcycle holiday:


  • We could take you anywhere in Europe you wanted to go, but here are some suggestions:
  • Italian coastlines
  • The French Alps and the Riviera
  • Glorious mountains roads in the Alps
  • Stelvio Pass and the best mountain roads
  • Slovenia and Croatia
  • The roads in the Black Forest
  • Backroads in Spain
  • England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  • To Russia, with love


  • We will design a tour for anywhere you want to go to, but here are some suggestions you migt want to consider:
  • Pacific Highway 1 in California
  • The California loop
  • The wild west of Arizona and Utah
  • Route 66
  • Yellowstone, Wyoming and the Tetons
  • Daytona Bike Week and the Florida Keys
  • Rocky Mountain High, Colorado
  • The Sturgis rally and the Black Hills
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains

New Zealand

  • North Island Tour
  • South Island Tour
  • Both Islands

What next:

Interested in having a one-off, totally unique motorcycle holiday? Contact Gary France and he will personally design your road trip.


Call Gary on +44 7899 924347

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